'We're on the side of working families': Labor vows to tackle Australia's insecure work problem

Matt Coughlan (Illawarra Mercury)

Anthony Albanese has promised to enshrine job security in workplace law under a plan to make the industrial umpire shore-up employment.

Workplace Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination

The opposition leader will on Wednesday outline a range of industrial relations policies aimed at slashing the burden of insecure work for millions of people.

An elected Labor government would insert job security into the Fair Work Act, forcing the Fair Work Commission to factor the issue into decisions.

Mr Albanese's major policy speech tries to redraw election battlelines to focus on competing visions for Australia rather than a referendum on the pandemic


"We are on the side of working families and we will always stand up for your rights to secure jobs, fair pay and safe workplaces," he will say in Brisbane.

"We understand the country deserves better than a choice between a mediocre status quo and an even worse future."

Mr Albanese wants to boost rights for gig economy workers like delivery app drivers after five road deaths in the space of three months last year.


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