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Vaccine won't be mandatory in Australia, but some industries may demand workers get vaccinated

Lori Youmshajekian (ABC News)

While the Australian Government has said the coronavirus vaccine won't be mandatory, some industries may insist their workers get the jab, experts say.

Covid-19 Vaccine and the Workplace
Covid-19 Vaccine and the Workplace

Up to 680,000 people are set to receive the first lot of vaccinations from mid-to-late February. That group includes quarantine and border workers, frontline health workers, and aged care and disability staff and residents.

The aged care industry needs a consistent approach to the vaccination rollout, according to Aged & Community Services Australia chief executive Patricia Sparrow, with everything possible being done to protect vulnerable older Australians.

"We know that if COVID-19 gets into an aged care facility, it does have a really terrible outcome," Ms Sparrow said.


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