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Union push to organise Google workers

David Marin-Guzman (Financial Review)

Professionals Australia will lead a push this year to organise technology workers over unpaid overtime and harassment issues, with big tech firm Google a major target.


The union is looking to expand its core membership base of engineers to the white-collar workforce in the face of huge growth predicted in the technology sector and increased demand for workers due to COVID-19 restrictions on migration.

The push follows more than 400 Google workers forming a union at the company’s US headquarters this month in what some observers have billed a global light on the hill in an industry known for its anti-union stance.

Professionals Australia chief executive Jill McCabe said the union had seen increasing membership among Google workers in the back half of 2020 as well as at other tech businesses, a trend that continued this month.

“Organisations like Google and Apple have really taken the place of some of the major employers we would have seen in manufacturing and more traditional industries in years gone by – it’s a real shift,” she said.


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