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Two tradesmen treated for electric shocks following Gold Coast workplace incident

Jennifer Huxley (ABC News)

Two tradesmen aged in their 30s have been seriously injured with burns to their head and chest after suffering electric shocks at a workplace incident on the Gold Coast.

Workplace Accident
Workplace Accident

The Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) said crews were called to the workplace at the Ashmore Pitstop Shopping Centre on Southport Nerang Road at Ashmore after the pair received burns to their upper body shortly before 10:30am.

QAS Senior Operations Supervisor Neil Stead said the two men were working in the electricity room.

"The board either short circuited or an incident occurred where they both received flash burns," he said.

"These two individuals both suffered quite significant burns, one received some flash burns to the face, chest and arms.

"The second gentlemen, who was in his 30s, he received more significant burns: face, chest, arms and legs."

He said the first man was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a serious condition, while the second man was in a critical condition.


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