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Reinventing the workplace to meet employee expectations

A divided workplace: as Australian businesses consider returning to the office as usual, many employees are keen to stay flexible with their working arrangements. A new BCG report elaborates on the workplace dilemma.

Workplace expectations
Workplace expectations

With the vaccine rollout already under way in several markets, attention is shifting to life after the pandemic. Core to these discussions is the question of work, and what it will look like in the new normal. Against this backdrop, Boston Consulting Group surveyed more than a thousand employees and executives in October, for insights in how they plan to proceed.

For Australian businesses, the reflex appears to be returning to the office. A third are already back, while BCG’s report reveals that 75% will have a lion’s share of their workforce back in the office after Christmas. Of the rest, the overwhelming majority will return to business-as-usual once the vaccine has been rolled out and the virus contained.


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