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Re-thinking Covid-19

Ramesh Thakur (Spectator Australia)

On 13 November Kamran Abbasi, editor of the British Medical Journal, argued that the medical debate on Covid-19 and policies to contain it have become corrupted through politicisation of science: ‘The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency’. The silent roar of ‘Bravo!’ you heard was from me. During the coronavirus pandemic medical science has taken on the role of state religion in pre-Enlightenment times.


Politicisation of the World Health Organisation should be of little surprise. As in any international organisation the selection and appointment of its chief, all senior posts and even external consultants attracts fierce political lobbying from geopolitically powerful and financially influential donor countries. In its weekly morbidity and mortality report on Covid-19 on 5 February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention s