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Racism in retail: How beauty brand Sephora is fighting back

Rachel Ranosa (Human Resources Director)

Global beauty brand Sephora will revamp its employee training programmes and increase support for Black-owned businesses in an effort to stamp out racism in the retail industry.

Workplace Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination

The announcement comes after a new study commissioned by the beauty retailer showed two in five shoppers reportedly encounter unfair treatment at US retail stores on the basis of their skin colour or ethnicity.

Black shoppers were more likely to experience discrimination, such as being made to wait longer or being suspected of misdemeanour inside shops, compared with white shoppers, the study found.

Sephora is aiming to change customer and employee experience while calling for industry-wide reform. “We know we are in a strong position to influence positive changes in the retail industry and society at large and it’s our responsibility to step up,” said Jean-Andre Rougeot, president and CEO of Sephora Americas.


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