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Prison Officers Welcome Immigration Officers to APOA

In the growing enterprise of incarceration and detention, there are several common functions and roles between the various jurisdictions.

Most recently the calling of Immigration Detention Officers has been heard by the Australian Prison Officers Association (APOA) and we are now moving into the immigration detention sector.

Serco is a major employer in the immigration detention sector and we have recently been assisting clients and members to resolve workplace disputes with the international giant from the security and detention sectors.

Without betraying any confidential deed, we are able to say that there have been positive resolutions to complex matters where Serco has been the respondent.

Positive outcomes are the result of sound and responsible advocacy, true to the instructions of our clients and genuine in the campaign to make positive advancements in the interests of all parties has been a core objective.

Over the coming weeks, months and years the APOA hopes to establish ourselves firmly within the immigration detention sector and being positioned well enough in the market to be recognised as the peak representative body of concerned workers.

Immigration Detention Officers are encouraged to JOIN NOW by calling (07) 3807 3807 or

To make contact with us for assistance with an existing workplace issue, please complete the enquiry form below.

Once again, we welcome the Immigration Detention Officers to our fold and we are looking forward to your collective input to important industrial relations matters which may be affecting your employment, social or welfare interests.


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