Pizza giant Domino’s to return $792,000 of JobKeeper payments

Gerard Cockburn (

Domino’s will return all JobKeeper payments it received last year, saying the need for the wage scheme has passed.


In a note lodged to the Australian Stock Exchange on Friday, the Brisbane-based pizza giant confirmed it would return $792,000 to taxpayers by the end of the current financial year. Domino’s franchises were eligible for JobKeeper during the height of the pandemic despite the company experiencing a profit hike due to increased demand for takeaway services.

The company’s chief executive Don Meij said the scheme had served an important purpose during the peak period of uncertainty and allowed employees to stay connected with their workplace.

“We appreciate the availability and support of JobKeeper during a period of significant uncertainty,” Mr Meij said.

“That period has passed, the assistance package has served its purpose, and we return it to Australian taxpayers with our thanks.”


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