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Neurodiversity hiring – is this the key to plugging Australia's tech skills gap?

Jess Bell (Human Resources Director)

Business leaders in the tech industry are only too aware that Australia is facing a significant digital skills gap.

Neurodiversity hiring
Neurodiversity hiring

The pandemic has added to an already skyrocketing industry as the demand for technology such as cloud-based solutions continues to rise.

At the end of 2019, Gartner research put talent shortages as the number one risk factor for businesses globally.

Upskilling is on the rise but some industry leaders are looking to a new section of the population – those with autism, Asperger’s and other neurodiverse conditions – to help plug the gap.

HRD spoke to Bodo Mann, CEO of auticon, a tech consulting firm that exclusively employs adults on the autism spectrum, about the role HR plays in shifting the dial on diverse hiring.

“There's a huge opportunity in terms of driving that paradigm shift and helping companies and society in general to understand the untapped pool of talent and resources which are not being utilised,” he said.


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