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McDonald's is navigating 3 new sexual harassment lawsuits

Alicia Kelso (Restaurant Dive)

McDonald’s extensive sexual harassment complaints continue despite efforts to change their workplace culture. In addition to several lawsuits, the issues also caught the eye of U.S. lawmakers. In September 2019, 115 government officials across 31 U.S. states wrote a letter to then-CEO Steve Easterbrook asking the company to better protect its workers.

Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment

Less than two months later, however, Easterbrook was fired for violating corporate policy by having a consensual relationship with an employee. His successor, CEO Chris Kempczinski, has made it clear that such behavior won’t be tolerated, and even brought a lawsuit against Eastbrook, but it’s clear much work remains.

The company's issues aren't relegated to just the U.S. In May, an international coalition of unions representing tens of millions of workers filed a complaint with the government of the Netherlands alleging systemic sexual harassment at McDonald’s restaurants around the world. The complaint includes details of the company’s failure to address rampant sexual harassment at its restaurants in the U.S., as well as the UK, France, Colombia, Australia, Brazil, Chile and more.


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