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'It was his passion': Aussie dad was working his dream job at Japanese snowfield when he died

Emily McPherson (9 NEWS)

The family of a Melbourne father-of-two say they have been left devastated after he was killed in a workplace accident in Japan.

Workplace Accident
Workplace Accident

Nee Ta, a keen snowboarder, had been living out his dreams after landing a job as a ski instructor in Niseko, in the northern island of Hokkaido, two years ago, his brother Nick told

However, tragedy struck last Wednesday when the 43-year-old was helping clear a pile of snow built up on the roof of an employee dormitory building.

Mr Ta is believed to have fallen and was buried underneath a large amount of snow.

"He was trapped under about two metres of snow for about 30 minutes while they tried to get him out and rescue him," his sister-in-law Tori Ngo said.

Mr Ta was taken to hospital but did not regain consciousness.

His employer, Niseko Adventure Centre (NAC), confirmed to that local police and the Ministry of Labour were investigating the accident.


If you need help with a workplace matter, call 1800 238 622 or

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