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Hungry Panda drivers fight dismissal, handed down hours after protest over pay

Lydia Feng (ABC News Western Sydney)

Two food delivery drivers who say they were unfairly dismissed by Hungry Panda are taking their fight to the Fair Work Commission in a bid to have their jobs reinstated.

Unfair Dismissal
Unfair Dismissal

The Transport Workers' Union on Friday lodged the unfair dismissal claims on behalf of Jun Yang and Xiangqian Li.

The union argued the food delivery platform terminated the drivers for protesting new pay rules.

In their claims, seen by the ABC, the men say there was no valid reason for their dismissal relating to their conduct or ability to carry out their work.

They also argue they were not given any reasons for their dismissal or a chance to respond to being terminated.

Mr Yang, 51, told the ABC he worked for Hungry Panda in Sydney for more than a year, working at least 10 hours a day, seven days a week to provide for his wife and four children in China.

Mr Li said he used the money he made delivering food on his motorbike for Hungry Panda to provide for his wife and son.


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