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How recruitment strategies can improve workplace wellbeing and morale

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Blue Monday – the name given to the most depressing day of the year – fell on 18th January and, it’s fair to say, there was plenty more to be down about in 2021 than previous years.

Workplace Well-being
Workplace Well-being

The UK is in another lockdown, COVID-19 cases and deaths are spiking across the country, and the economy is facing a potential ‘double-dip’ recession. With the vaccination effort picking up speed, normality feels both tantalisingly close and yet painfully far away.

In such dark, abnormal times, employers will look to set up initiatives to boost team morale on Blue Monday and beyond – with many getting involved in the national effort, Brew Monday, where employees are encouraged to call each other, friends or family, over a cup of tea.

However, many employers are unintentionally overlooking a key way to improve team wellbeing and morale: recruitment.

The importance of involving employees in the recruitment process

Often the recruitment process is solely dealt with by the hiring manager or recruiters, with employees rarely involved until they meet the new team member on their first day.

However, this limited process can make employees feel disconnected and despondent as they have little say in hiring the person they’ll end up spending a considerable amount of time working with.


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