Here are the coronavirus lockdown rules in place for the next five days in Perth Peel and South West

Evelyn Manfield and Keane Bourke (ABC News)

Western Australia's Perth, Peel and South West regions have entered a five-day lockdown.

It's resulted in a major change for the way people in these areas live their lives.

So what are the COVID lockdown rules for Perth and the regions, and how will they affect you? We break down the Government's rules for you below.


When can I leave home?

You can only leave home for essential reasons.

They include:

  • Shopping for essentials and medicine

  • Accessing medical or health care services

  • Exercise, but only within your neighbourhood for one hour per day

  • Work, if you cannot do so from home

You also can't have visitors, unless they are there to care for you if you are vulnerable.

There are some exemptions for people who need to travel to care for a vulnerable community member, and on compassionate grounds.

If you are visiting the Perth or Peel region from elsewhere you are being asked to stay there until the lockdown is over.

Should I wear a mask?

First and foremost, you are only able to leave your home for one of the above four reasons.


If you need help with a workplace matter, call 1800 238 622 or

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