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Healthcare workers warn of hidden 'third wave' as mental illness cases set to soar

Melissa Cunningham (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Mental health workers say a growing number of traumatised aged care staff and nurses are seeking support for psychological stress in what is becoming a hidden "third wave" of the coronavirus pandemic.

With Christmas – always a bad time for mental health problems – less than a fortnight away, mental health professionals are seeing increasing numbers of people who were on the front line of Victoria’s deadly nursing home clusters looking for urgent support.

Workplace Illness
Workplace Illness

A lot of them are just so overwhelmed and they're really devastated by what they have seen and experienced," said Jason Ray, a Melton-based mental health clinician and occupational therapist.

"I had one lady last week who worked in aged care in a facility where 18 people died. She was just so traumatised by it and it had reminded her of her own mother passing away. She couldn't get any annual leave and has had to just keep going back to work, which has caused her a lot of mental health difficulties."


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