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Equal Opportunity Commissioner report reveals sexual harassment allegations in SA Parliament

Nick Harmsen (ABC News)

A damning Equal Opportunity Commission review has found sexual harassment is prevalent in South Australia's Parliament, with eight people reporting being victims of sexual harassment by MPs or their staff in the past five years.


Allegations outlined in the report by the Acting Equal Opportunity Commissioner Emily Strickland include sexually suggestive comments, indecent exposure and physical assault.

The review of parliamentary behaviour was ordered last year, after Liberal MP Sam Duluk was outed for inappropriate behaviour at a Christmas Party in Parliament House.

He apologised, but was later banished from the Liberal Party, when he was charged with assaulting SA Best MLC Connie Bonaros.

The Equal Opportunity Commission surveyed parliamentary staff, receiving a response from about a quarter of them.

"27.1 per cent of survey respondents reported they had experienced sexual harassment in the parliamentary workplace," the report stated.

"Six interview participants and two participants who made written submissions described being victims of sexual harassment in the last five years, and all of those alleged incidents involved either Members of Parliament or staff of Members of Parliament as perpetrators."


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