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Delivery rider Rosya feared for her life after an accident. The stats show she's not alone

Lin Evelin (SBS News)

Wan Rosaizam Ahmad, known to her friends and family as Rosya, understands just how dangerous working as a delivery rider can be.

Workplace Accident
Workplace Accident

The 41-year-old Malaysian national, who lives in Melbourne, recounts the moment she feared her life was over when her electric bicycle collided with the door of a parked car as it swung open into the bike path she was riding in.

“I was scared for my life, there was pain all over my body and I have suffered recurring headaches ever since,” she tells SBS News, speaking in Malay.

Rosya was delivering an Uber Eats order in Melbourne’s CBD in July when she was hit. She recalls people around her calling for an ambulance when she came to, but she did not want one. Instead, she called for her sister who took her to hospital where she was admitted overnight.

Medical records show she suffered a concussion and abrasions to her right elbow.


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