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Bullying, inflating grades, nepotism: Flinders, UniSA staff unload to ICAC

Thomas Kelsall (In Daily)

Bullying and harassment are commonplace, staff are pressured to inflate grades, breaches of enterprise agreements are “routine”, and nepotism is “rife” at both the University of South Australia and Flinders University, according to the results of the last two integrity surveys published this week.

Workplace Bullying
Workplace Bullying

The two reports – which informed ICAC’s overall University Integrity Survey released earlier this month – compiled responses from 1173 UniSA and 695 Flinders staff members from March to April this year to determine the “attitudes and experiences” of employees regarding corruption and inappropriate conduct at their respective workplaces.

Flinders and UniSA disseminated the reports in emails to staff over the past seven days, following on from Adelaide University who made their institution’s report public last Wednesday, December 16 – detailing similar concerns about a workplace culture of “veiled terror” where bullying and harassment are common.


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