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The first major survey of truck driver health reveals shocking problems in Australia’s most common job for men, with over 80 per cent of drivers overweight or obese, one in five suffering from severe psychological distress, over 70 per cent living with chronic pain and almost a third with multiple chronic health conditions.

The survey of almost 1,400 drivers is part of a three-year study by Monash University and outlines that poor health is not only bad for drivers – it is also linked to an increase in the chances of crashes and near-misses.

The findings of the study were featured on the February 4 edition of the ABC TV’s 7.30 Report.

The study has shown that risk factors because of the job include: "long working hours, sedentary roles, poor nutrition, social isolation, shift work, time pressure, low levels of job control, and fatigue". It points to a need for urgent reform to address and prevent poor mental and physical health among drivers who are under supply chain pressures.


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